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Today is what would have been Audrey Hepburn's 85th Birthday. Though she died way back in 1993 it seems that every day we are still reminded of the power of her films (like that kind of creepy zombie Galaxy chocolate commercial ) and her style (once a year an actress will appear in a magazine sporting an Audrey-inspired look). Yes, she was known for iconic style, her romances and her slight frame but here are a couple of things you may be surprised to learn.  

If Elle Macpherson is self-conscious about her reported size 12 feet, she didn’t show it when she hosted Saturday Night Live in 1996. During a sketch with Jim Breuer , the 6-foot-tall supermodel played an unappealing blind date who complains of "a corn or a blister or something" and shoves her bare foot in his face. "What, this here?" Breuer asks, trying to be a good sport with his beautiful companion. "No, that’s my wart." But he still has eyes of love. "You know what," he tells Macpherson, "you have really nice feet." She scowls and sniffs them. "Yeah, nice and smelly."