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Ancient Spice Trade Routes
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Cute Goodnight Texts For Your Crush
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A clan is a group of people that can trace their roots to common ancestors. Individuals in a clan are close to one another and share a common interest. Use this clan name generator to find badass clan names. Each time you click a new clan name will be created. If you don't like a name just try your luck again until you find one you like. Coming up with a badass clan name on your own can be a difficult task. Hopefully this clan name generator makes deciding on a clan name a little bit easier. Good luck finding a badass name for your clan.

The Kaiju ( 怪獣 , kaijū ? , Strange Beast) are a race of amphibious creatures [1] [2]  genetically engineered by the  Precursors , a sentient race from the Anteverse . In 2013, the Precursors opened a portal between dimensions at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, allowing the Kaiju to enter Earth's dimension. As biological weapons of warfare, Kaiju are extremely hostile and toxic creatures designed with the intention to wipe out all humankind . [3]