Blowfly Life Cycle


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Forensic entomology is concerned with the application of zoological principles to issues of forensic importance, including the provision of assistance in the estimation of ' post mortem interval ' - i.e. an estimation of how long the deceased has been dead for - based upon an evaluation of the type of insect present on the body or at the scene, and a sound understanding of succession patterns of insects in the environment in which the body was found.

Blowfly is the main external parasite affecting sheep in the summer months. More likely to occur in warmer, humid weather, the blowfly season is starting earlier and lasting longer than before 1 .  If left untreated, fly strike can be fatal.

Description: This is a Lab based event. Teams will be given a crime scenario which they will be asked to solve based on evidence they gather and test. The evidence topic for 2017 in NC is powders, hair & fibers, chromatography, entomology, & fingerprinting. Teams will then be asked to analyze the information they have gathered to identify a suspect and solve the crime.