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I n an old parable, some people gather in a dark room in which there’s an elephant. They’re asked to describe it. One, who can touch only the elephant’s trunk, argues the elephant is like a tree branch. The one who can only feel its tail claims the elephant is like a rope. The people begin to argue amongst themselves about what is correct, and the parable reveals its wisdom when someone lights a candle and all see the elephant – and their incomplete perception – for what it really was.

A judge has acquitted a Montreal member of a women’s rights group who was accused of mischief and disturbing the peace stemming from a protest at the city’s Grand Prix festivities in 2015. The group […]

The conference itself was subject to a Change.org petition, which gained around 6,000 signatures, denouncing the participation of radical speakers such as Nader Abou Anas, who has been accused of trying to legitimise rape within marriage.

On Thursday, FEMEN organized demonstrations in different European cities under the name " International Topless Jihad Day. " FEMEN protested against what the group called Islam's oppression of women, and also to raise awareness for the plight of Amina Tyler , a 19-year-old FEMEN member who sparked a massive controversy in Tunisia by posing topless with the slogan "Fuck Your Morals" written across her chest.