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Grip training: it has to be the most ignored type of training in gyms all over the World. Seriously, how often will you see someone working on their grip in the gym? Almost never, right? No one really seems to care. How much you bench press is all that really matters anyways – which is sarcasm, if you didn’t catch the drift.

Let's talk about training! Training for bodybuilders isn't the same for every muscle group, so we need to learn more than just exercises for training each muscle - each muscle should have a different way of being trained so that you grow as fast as possible and build a developed physique! Training the lats is something that, for some of us, is especially unique.

My cell phone rang. "Hello. Yeah, this is John. Yeah, I baby sit once in a while. You heard about me from Mrs. Snyder? Yeah, I've babysat her kid. He's a good kid. I'm 17. Am I big? (What kind of question is that?) Well, I guess I'm about average for a 17 year old, five ten and 140 pounds. Just normal I guess. (Long pause.) Okay, what time? 7:00 tomorrow? That's good. I'll get him to sleep and then do my homework. What's his name and how old is he? Okay, Danny, 12 years old. Okay, see you tomorrow."