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J'onn J'onzz (translating to the earth name of John Jones ) is the Martian Manhunter ; a super-powered alien from the planet Mars , and alongside Megan Morse , is the planet's sole survivor. He currently works in Metropolis as a Lieutenant Homicide Detective for the Metropolis Police Department , and is a member of the Justice League .

The plot follows a young Clark Kent , in the fictional town of Smallville , Kansas , as he journeys toward becoming Superman . Additionally, the series chronicles Lex Luthor 's path to the dark side, and his metamorphosis from Clark's best friend to greatest enemy. Smallville depicts the relationship between Clark and his first love interest, Lana Lang , as well as his relationship with Lois Lane , the woman he ultimately marries in the comic books. The series also features recurring appearances from other DC Universe characters, such as Arthur Curry and John Jones .

J'onn J'onzz first appeared to Clark Kent in his Martian form when he saved him from an empowered Phantom Zone prisoner from behind the scene. Clark later finds him and before he asks who he is, J'onn flies away.