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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS–The MLPA Annual Meeting to elect a new board will be held Monday, April 10 at 7:00 PM at Morningside Presbyterian Church , 1411 N. Morningside.  Click the volunteer heading above or email [email protected]  and indicate which board position or committee would most closely match your interest and talents.  The Association is an all-volunteer organization and relies upon the enthusiasm and expertise of our neighbors to thrive.  Please consider standing for a board position or volunteering for a committee.

An important use of MLPA is to determine relative ploidy . For example, probes may be designed to target various regions of chromosome 21 of a human cell. The signal strengths of the probes are compared with those obtained from a reference DNA sample known to have two copies of the chromosome. If an extra copy is present in the test sample, the signals are expected to be 1.5 times the intensities of the respective probes from the reference. If only one copy is present the proportion is expected to be 0.5. If the sample has two copies, the relative probe strengths are expected to be equal.

MLPA ® (Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification) is a simple, high throughput and easy to perform method developed by MRC Holland that allows detection of DNA copy number changes of up to 40 sequences in a single reaction. This relatively simple technique is based on the semi-quantitative polymerase chain reaction principle and can be applied for detecting copy number changes and methylation quantification of the genomic DNA or for mRNA profiling.