Occipital Bone


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The occipital bone is the trapezoidal-shaped bone found at the lower-back area of the cranium. The occipital is cupped like a saucer in order to house the back part of the brain. It is one of seven bones that fuse together to form the skull and is directly next to five of the cranium bones.

The occipital bone ( / ˌ ɒ k ˈ s ɪ p ᵻ t əl / ), is a cranial dermal bone , and is the main bone of the occiput (back and lower part of the skull ). It is trapezoidal in shape and curved on itself like a shallow dish. The occipital bone overlies the occipital lobes of the cerebrum . At the base of the skull in the occipital bone there is a large oval opening called the foramen magnum , which allows the passage of the spinal cord .