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Ecologically, marine ostracods can be part of the zooplankton or (most commonly) are part of the benthos , living on or inside the upper layer of the sea floor. Many ostracods, especially the Podocopida , are also found in fresh water, and terrestrial species of Mesocypris are known from humid forest soils of South Africa , Australia and New Zealand . [4] They have a wide range of diets, and the group includes carnivores, herbivores, scavengers and filter feeders.

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Ostracods (formally called Ostracoda ) take their name from the Greek 'ostrakon', which means 'a shell', and refers to the bi-valved carapace that is characteristic of these tiny crustaceans, which resemble water fleas. They had evolved by the early Cambrian, about 545 million years ago, and are found commonly as fossils. Ostracods are still living today in all aquatic habitats from the deep sea to small temporary ponds.