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Clover is a slave caught a few months back along with Crimson . She is a prostitute of Eulogy Jones and has been systematically brainwashed and threatened until she's become completely subservient to her master. Eulogy verbally abuses her and Crimson constantly. When Eulogy is away, they're both chatty to each other. [1]

Oh, sure. Take your time. No rush, not like we're about to be sliced and diced by... who the hell knows what. Fine. So they've kept us alive this long for a reason, right? Seems to me they'd want to make sure we stay alive for now. So you and me, we have ourselves a little fist-fight. Trick 'em into thinkin' one of us ain't going to last too long. Make 'em come in here and break it up. And when they do, we turn on 'em. We take out the guards, and get ourselves the hell out of this box.